Guardian Conservatory Roof Designs

Guardian Warm Roofs can be designed and installed to your unique requirements. Here you can see a wide range of roof designs to help you choose which would compliment your home best. Remember you don't have to go with your existing design! You can choose something new depending on your existing structure.


Increase your options with a combination Guardian Conservatory Roof. A P-Shape simply combines the benefits of two different styles to maximise your living environment. A T-Shape is symmetrical with a larger middle porch section and symmetrical wings to make a T shape. These are a relatively large design more suited for bigger properties; this is because the bottom end of the T extends away from the house taking up more garden.

Edwardian Style

The Classic Sunroom shape. Together with attractive roof windows, the Edwardian Guardian Roof is the traditional safe bet for styling and convenience. The Edwardian shape also helps to maximise the room space below. The Edwardian can be the perfect style for a dining room, games room or simply just a comfortable TV room. The Edwardian roof is very sympathetic to all house styles as its ridge is so versatile, it can also be the perfect solution to a Bungalow extension.


A vertical front and steeply pitched roof that can look contemporary, or have lots of detail that makes it appear more traditional and creates a generous ceiling height. There is no sloping front section on the gable; instead the section above the windows at the front makes a triangle which continues up to meet the roof. This way it tends to match the roof design of many houses.


The easiest and quickest conservatory to install often the cheapest and great value for money. Although basic this type can be varied in pitch and also built around corners into an L shape. Great for adding extra space and can be used for anything, very popular and also known as a sun-room.


This elegant design and classical appearance is also very popular, it’s very flexible and can cope with many roof designs. Sharp angled roofs are softened by facets that provide a more rounded look, with the option of three or five facets.


The Guardian Roof is the ideal solution for your porch because of its speed of installation and the sharpness of its finish. It increases energy efficiency in a space that can often be cold and draughty,

A perfect Solution for your home.

The Guardian Conservatory Roof offers contemporary or traditional finishes internally. Choose from a plaster finish or timber/PVC-u cladding, with optional Fakro style roof windows. Externally choose from a selection of attractive roof tiles best suited to your home. The options are endless, helping you to produce your own beautiful and unique living space.

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