Guardian Warm Roof Tapco & Metrotile Options

One of the wonderful features of the Guardian Warm Roof System is it's wide range of tile colours, so when designing your new conservatory roof you can match the outside to your home perfectly. The Guardian Warm Roof is the original tiled conservatory roof system and still remains the best on the market. We are Devon's verified installers and have installed many of these roof over the past few years. There are two types of tiles we can use on your new tiled conservatory roof, The MetroTile Shingle and The Tapco Slate.

The MetroTile Shingle

All of Metrotile’s roofing products are fabricated from Zincalume®-protected steel. Metrotile’s textured finish provides added protection by embedding natural stone granules in an acrylic base-coat. A final clear acrylic over-glaze is applied before being oven cured.

This extremely durable UV-resistant coating enables Metrotile roofing products to withstand the harshest environments around the world. The roofing manufacturer can offer a 40 year guarantee on all profiles.

You will not find a more durable, versatile and attractive roofing product on the world market that will surpass Metrotile’s quality and affordability.

Lightweight high grade steel with Aluzinc® for incredible strength and resistance
Suitable for pitches as low as 15°
Designed for both roofs and vertical walls

The Metrotile Shingle textured-finish tile captures the subtle look and charm of low-profile traditional shingles. With a Metrotile Shingle roof, you can eliminate the delaminating, lifting and general break-down caused by strong UV rays and high winds associated with other shingle roofs. With its exceptional durability, a Metrotile Shingle roof offers superior performance and all the advantages of stone-coated steel. Metrotile Shingle comes in a choice of natural weathered tones to recreate the visual appeal of timber, asphalt or fired-clay shingles.

The most popular colours for Metrotile are Charcoal and Burnt Umber.

Moss Green
Burnt Umber
Antique Red

Tapco Slate

For centuries, slate roofing has been desired for its durability and beauty. With authentic surfaces and edges, TapcoSlate highlights the handsome character of slate, at the same time enhancing roof performance through innovative design. Unlike natural slate, TapcoSlate won’t break or divide.

BBA Certified TapcoSlate gives you the power to evoke both historical elegance and outstanding modern-day style. The slates are created with moulds cast from real slate to capture genuine peaks, plateaux and curves. Colour-through design and UV stabilisation ensure “stay-true” richness for traditional colours such as Pewter Grey and Plum, bold tones like Brick Red and unique selections such as Emerald Green and Grey/Black blended tiles.

Below are some of the TapcoSlate colours options you can choose

Wintergreen Mix
Nottingham Mix
Red Rock
Stone Black
Brunswick Mix
Wintergreen Mix
Grey/Black Blend
Coachman Mix
Sage Green
Pewter Grey
Chestnut Brown
Concord Mix
Mist Grey
Ash Grey
Brick Red

Pewter Grey and Plumb are the most popular colours of TapcoSlate for conservatory Roofs in Devon. Of course you can have any colour you like plus the options of the blends and mixes.

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